Fairfield County Sheriff's Office
Program and Services

Sheriff Lape believes that helping fight crime is every citizen’s responsibility. He is proud to have developed and implemented new programs and services to help citizens of all ages keep our community a safe place.

Community Watch Program
The Community Watch Program is a program that is comprised of volunteers from neighborhoods that have decided to ensure the safety of their community by forming a partnership with the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office.

Child Support Division
Execution of warrants for Non-Support service. The execution of these warrants is to arrest the individual that is not paying their child support and let the court determine how the individual may find a way to pay the debt.

Litter Enforcement & Weights/Scales Programs
Enforcing litter violations within the county and enforcing weight restrictions involving trucks and other vehicles traveling the roadways of Fairfield County.

K9 Unit
Assist in felony arrests, seizures of narcotics, searches of missing persons, and attended many community activities.

Special Deputy Unit
Special Deputies consist of former office Deputies, Deputies awaiting openings within the office and Deputies working as business men and women within the community who just enjoy doing special work for the purposes of providing Community Service to Fairfield County.

Special Duty Office
Private citizens and businesses needing assistance with various types of security issues can contact the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office Special Duty Office.

Hiring and Background Investigations
The Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office is an equal opportunity employer and has established the following procedure for the hiring of OPOTA Certified Deputies.

The 800 Number

Mounted Patrol
The Fairfield County Sheriff's Office Mounted Patrol Unit is a supportive unit of the Patrol Bureau.

Vacation Check Program
Free service to residents of Fairfield County referred to as the Vacation Check program.