Community Services division is responsible for all Public Appearances for the Sheriff’s Office. Other responsibilities include Community Watch, Neighborhood Watch Programs, Community Policing, and Public Education in Safety.
Community Services Commander:
Corporal Tiffany Hedrick
Cpl Tiffany Hedrick standing with hands crossed
Cpl. Tiffany Hedrick received her OPOTA Certification from the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Academy in 1996.  Cpl. Hedrick has her degree in Applied Science from Hocking College (1996). Serving as deputy since 1988, Cpl. Hedrick has served in the Communications Bureau, Corrections Bureau, Patrol Bureau and is an active member of the Sheriff’s Office SWAT team. 

Cpl. Hedrick is an OPOTA Instructor as well as an Adjunct Professor at Hocking College.  Cpl. Hedrick is a certified instructor for multiple fields in law enforcement such as SORAT, ALICE, Firearms, Taser, and Subject Control (Gracie Survival Tactics for Law Enforcement Level 1 & 2).

Cpl. Hedrick was promoted to Corporal supervising the Community Response Unit in November 2023.

Cpl. Hedrick has been a lifelong resident of Fairfield County and resides with her husband and together they have four children and two German Shepherds.

It is an honor and privilege for Cpl. Hedrick to serve and protect the citizens of this great county.